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24 March
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For historical documentation, I will once again retain the original information, but now will refrain from putting my age to stop dating it. This is from my post on February 27th, 2006, and should explain my LiveJournal:

"Just in case I've failed to mark this journal clearly before, let it be known from now for all time that My Webl is always open to ideas. If they contradict what I say here, great, I'd love to debate them with you... if they agree with what I say, thank you for the support... if they are completely random, it fits in perfectly with how I seem to appear to people sometimes, so by all means, share :)"

I will include day to day stuff that happens to me in this LiveJournal, but I think it is impossible to really know me without knowing that I love to learn. So if you have an idea, or information, or anything... I'd love to hear about it! Be warned, I do like to debate, so please don't take contradictions of ideas as personal attacks. Good luck to you all!

Second Edition Info:
For historical documentation, I will keep the original info intact. Please note that I am now currently 20 years old, and got accepted to the Creative Writing Program but won't be able to take them up on the offer; perhaps I shall at a later date. Also, Austin (alfadir) and I made a new environmental community, terrophany so check it out!

Original Info:
A mini-biography, eh? Hmm... let's see. My name is Daniel Nadolny. I like to travel :D I am currently 19 years old, though I've been told I look older and younger by various people at various times. I like to spin! Always have, ever since I was a kid! Ah, the days of my youth... I broke my arm when I was 5 or so years old! 3 years after that I broke my other arm! Another 3 years later, and my arm was, once again, broken. On a completely unrelated note, never let your kids slide down the stairs from the top on large cusions! I like trees! I've never met a tree I didn't like, and I've met quite a few trees in my time! Blue is my favourite colour :D I go to York University. I'm currently majoring in English and Psychology, but I'm hoping to add on Creative Writing as a third major. I really like swings. So much fun!! Oh ya! I love skiing, I've been skiing since I was 3! Hm... used to play the clarinet and piano, though I haven't for a while. Ohh... heh, I just realized that there's an interest section down below... *casually attempts to whistle and divert attention away from my non-observational skills* Did it work?? Well, I better be moving on now... getting late and all... *runs*