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An Update in Three Parts

Hello! Greetings to you all... I come bearing good news! For me at least :D So, this post will be brought to you in three parts, I'm not quite sure what they are yet... but we shall see by the end, I'm sure!

Part the First
I'd like to start off this post with an expansion of an idea I put forward last post... namely my reasoning behind E=MC^2. I realized that the lightspeed vibrations I was talking about weren't at the atomic level or anything like that... they were at the smallest particles of matter, if such a thing exists. Last Sunday, after Church, my brother asked me about matter at absolute zero... So I realized that temperature (which is the average kinetic energy of a body of molecules/atoms) only applies to atoms, it's a macroscopic property. At a level smaller than atoms, these vibrations are occuring continuously... Thus, in a resting state, something can be defined as MC... and if you make it go the speed of light, or convert to pure energy, you have MC*C or MC^2. These vibrations aren't what is causing macroscopic changes (or time) to pass; it is not affected by time dilation and thus still holds when something is going the speed of light. This helped me realize what matter is, which I'd read about before, but now makes sense... matter, at it's heart, is nothing more than vibrating pockets of condensced space. It's as though space were scrunched up in these vibrating pockets/knots... and that's what matter is.

With this realization, gravity suddenly makes sense. If matter is scruched up space, it makes sense for the "fabric" of matter to have tension... the closer it is to matter, the more tension there will be. This tension creates a pull in the fabric of space; space (and any other scrunched up/vibrating pockets of space) will be drawn to it. This also means that there really is nothing separating matter itself from the space around it... you're just bunched up vibrating space, and still part of the fabric. If this theory is true... not only are you made of the same "stuff" as stars, you are actually part of the same fabric; you are directly connected to everything else!! Pretty cool, eh? I really wish I knew some professors who specialize in theoretical physics.

Part the Second
I now have two jobs! In one, I work for a respectable professor in a psychology laboratory, I organize the lab and I... help grad students with their research. The other job is linked to the world of warehousing, where I go by the alias "Dan" and am responsible for... virtually every bernardin jar there is a market for.

Couldn't resist ;) If it wasn't obvious, I was fitting my jobs in to the same sort of form as a Matrix quote... So, yeah! I'm excited about that(the jobs). I'll be doing around 2 days a week in Professor Steele's lab, and 3 days a week working with the same company I did last year in a warehouse :) I'll probably also volunteer a bit in Professor Kawakami's lab too!

Part the Third
Well, last night was the final night in the discussions some of us had been having at the Church regarding genesis. I was able to say a few things again, and get a bit out on my concept of Good and Evil vs Life. It makes me feel good when people tell me I showed them things in a way they'd never seen or thought of before... but at the same time, it somehow doesn't seem right to me. I shouldn't be able to give people a whole new look on things in the Bible that they like and accept, without the world, or at least their own spiritual journey, being somewhat muddled. I think part of the problem is people not knowing enough history and science and everything... but just knowing enough to be skeptical or confused. All the same, I'm glad I at least gave some people something to think about; these sessions and conversations have helped me think too!

So those are the three parts! It's an exciting time for me, with some personal stuff going on now (it's good, don't worry!) and some new jobs and opportunities... all in all, it's looking like a great summer thus far! Now I need to figure out a schedule so I can get in studying for GREs, learning Latin, reading up on various religions and a bunch of other stuff! Hopefully get a bit of time off too for a visit/vacation... we shall see!

I hope everyone else's summer is looking at least as good as mine is now :) See you all later!
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