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End of an Era

Hello everyone!

Yes, that's right! A mere 16 weeks later and I am posting yet again. This post will mostly be about what I've been up to this summer. I hope you have all had a great time this summer! So, where should we start... ah yes! Tutoring!

Tutoring actually worked out pretty well! After getting a few people responding to posters it was fairly easy to find more people through word of mouth. It was something I really enjoyed. I got to brush up on Stats (and some other math when I was tutoring for the GRE). Teaching people is a great feeling. You're giving something valuable to someone... and you don't lose anything in the process! In fact, you might even gain a better understanding yourself! So overall, tutoring was very successful.

I got the chance to visit Mai Lan a few times - and she also visited me during my convocation. I was really happy she was there, though the actual process and excitement over convocation is a little mystifying for me. I'd like to think that it was the time I spent in university that really mattered, and that it was rewarding in many ways for its own sake. Seeing Mai Lan was great though! We'll be visiting each other every few weekends at least. There's a student fed bus that is a very good price between Waterloo (it leaves right from the university) and drops off at Downsview, which would be perfect - except it's only available for Waterloo Undergrads! Greyhound seems fairly reasonable though, and the train ride isn't that much either - especially with an International Student Identification Card. Oh right! My parents finally got to meet Mai Lan's father, when he came over for lunch while dropping Mai Lan off! I was able to visit Mai a few days ago... though we didn't get to spend that much time with each other since she's busy helping with Founders Frosh week at York.

This has been a summer of many weddings! I was asked to fill in for Jack (our Church officer) during weddings while he was on vacation. I helped get things set up (putting up some bows, getting the candles ready, taking care of the sound system, organizing the ushers, making sure everything when smoothly in the back and that people walked when they were supposed to)... it was a very educational experience! I was also payed $100 per wedding, so the money was nice too :) On top of that, I also filled in for the Church secretary one day. It was amazing how many homeless people came to see Grant. I was told it would probably be a quiet day that I was filling in... if that was a quiet day, it's hard to imagine a busy one! On top of the weddings at our Church, I also got to be an usher at my friend Christina's wedding reception! She'll be living in LA with her new husband, Matthew. It's hard to imagine my friends starting to get married... It was also great catching up with old friends. My fellow ushers were Babak and Jacob, and the bridesmaids were Nashifa, Amanda and Belinda with Rebecca as the maid of honour. Eileen was also at the wedding... though other than that, there weren't many people I knew at the wedding (other than Nashifa's sister and Christina's father and brother).

I spent many hours helping out my Dad with stuff around the house and cottage (which I was paid for). We managed to get out a big rock that had been part of our driveway for a long time, as well as get rid of sections of concrete that weren't flat, and pour new concrete. We also dug a long trench to lay down the electrical wire in the new garage at the cottage, as well as other jobs in both places.

Volunteering in the psychology labs was a bit sporadic. I also managed to meet with Grainne once, a few weeks ago... she seemed to like my research ideas, so hopefully something will come of them! I was also lucky enough to get an OGSST, which I wasn't expecting... an OGS for science and technology. Oh right! My poster submission got accepted for SPSP, so I'll be presenting my honours thesis research in New Mexico this February!

So that's a brief outline of what's been up in my life this past summer. I have many ideas to share... but fortunately, you'll all be spared them for this post ;) My studying latin has fallen off (hopefully temporarily), but I've been working on oral Japanese, and I've made some progress with that! I love podcasts!

And now, to finish off this post... 8 things about me! I have been tagged by galena417. I'm not going to actually tag anyone... but if you want to, feel free to do this and consider yourself tagged by me! It's an open invitation. Here are the rules (which I am blatantly breaking, but so be it!)

THE RULES: each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first; at the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people.

1. My initials spell DAN.
2. I like stroking my beard while I think. I also like to pace if I'm deep in thought, or trying to memorize something.
3. I have been able to hold my breath for slightly over 3 minutes in the past. I may still be able to do this, but I don't like holding it that long, as I feel really bad after. 2 minutes isn't much of a problem though :)
4. I don't like killing things, and tend to avoid it, including mosquitoes, spiders, snails, etc.
5. As a child I was addicted to TV, though now I rarely watch it.
6. I am red-green colour blind (it's not that bad though, I can tell the difference between most shades of red and green).
7. My favourite number is 22, and has been for many years... since I was around 5 or so I think.
8. Prior to eating a breakfast requiring a spoon, I typically tap the spoon once on its side before using it.

So... there you have it! My first post in quite a while. We'll see if I'll be able to follow up with another one soon! I'll be moving to Waterloo on the 3rd, though I won't have internet or phone access till the 9th.

I look forward to catching up with you all!


P.S. The end of an era post is in reference to the end of my undergrad degree and time at York... 5 years at Waterloo coming up!
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