zorander22 (zorander22) wrote,

Mulus in silva ambulat

I bid you all a most hearty welcome on this fine winter morning! I am once again most honoured to present to you yet another exciting edition of My Webl. So relax, have a glass of eggnog and stay awhile!

Perhaps I should first explain what I am doing up at this ungodly hour of 6 am (though this used to be my regular time to wake up throughout much of highschool.... wake up, take a shower, practice the clarinet... ah, those were the days!). I have, in fact, been up since around 4:30... having been unable to return to sleep upon waking at that time. You see, I went to bed at 11... apparently my body isn't used to getting sleep at a somewhat regular time, so I feel more awake from my 5.5 hours of sleep then days when I've slept nearly twice that long!

So, now that you're all thouroughly bored with this mostly useless knowledge of my sleeping habits, I will now attempt to explain what would possibly compel me to sleep at 11... I'm going skiing today! That's right, my dad, my brother and myself are all heading to Blue Mountain at 7:30 today for some skiing. It's been far too long... but skiing really is just like learning how to ride a bike, you never forget how to fall ;) So... I guess this will have been my 18th year since I've started skiing. The years just fly by, eh?

Speaking of flying by, I know it's such a common thing to say... but Christmas really seems to be sneaking up. It hasn't really felt like Christmas... family is coming over, but not like in the old days. Donny and I don't go tobogganing, or building snow forts and snowmen like the old days. Though we did help decorate the house a bit... and as usual had some fun with the nativity scene ;)

In case people can't tell, the... depression that plagued me for much of first term is gone. Seems I've set up a pattern these past two years, hopefully I don't keep doing the same thing over and over!

In other news, I've finally started learning a bit of latin. It's been much more fun then french, namely because I think I realized how to learn languages better, for me anyway. You see... I'm not that good with explaining the formal rules behind languages, at least not for English. Heh, on the English exam in grade... 10 I think.... I believe I got close to 50% on the grammar section of the exam. It's ok though, I still got just above 90% overall. Instead of focussing on rules, I think with latin I'll just try reading a lot and pick it up that way. Why did I decide to learn Latin you ask? Well, it's something I've wanted to do for... quite some time. Besides, it's as they say... the only good language, is a dead language ;)

Actually, the best book I've found so far for me learning latin is one that belonged to my grandma... called "Latin for Today". I wonder why Latin was removed from common education... By the way, the title of this entry is latin for "The mule walks in the wood". Simple, yet deeply profound, I know.

And now I must be off, I'm being forced off the computer due to my overly eager father wanting to get on the road soon... apparently since I'm up early, our schedule's been bumped up to leave before 7:30 now. So, to end off with what was one of my grandma's favourite sayings, the day is what you make it. I hope you all make yours a great one!

Until we meet again, may your skis never cross and fresh powder coat your hills!
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