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Happy New Year!

Hello, and welcome to the first 2006 edition of: My Webl! I trust you all had an excellent New Year's Eve... I know I did!

Here's some of what I've been up to for the past few days. It feels so good to have a social life again! I can't wait till school starts again though, this time I'll be sure to continue with a social life... and studying of course ;) This is going to be a long entry, feel free to skip ahead... each section up until the double space is a day. So, without further ado, let us take a glimpse in to the nearly forgotten history of... this past week!

Boxing day was very traditional for my family, in that we went over to my aunt Joanne and uncle Don's house for a second celebration! Unfortunately, my cousin Cheryl's kids still seem to be pretty shy... definitely not how Jess and Jake were at their age! But at least they seem to get along really well, for the most part ;)

On the 27th I got to hang out with Jayson and Janet for some of the afternoon, though a good deal shorter than I'd originally hoped/anticipated. As I was leaving to head to shoppers world... the van didn't start! At all! With some help from Donny we managed to get it going... if anybody wants to donate a vehicle to me, it would be appreciated ;) Well, actually, I'd rather walk most places... or take buses, or carpool. Much more environmentally friendly! It was great talking to Janet and Jayson, particularly since I hadn't gotten to have a good conversation with Jayson in ages! He seems to be doing quite well, I hope I'll run in to him more this coming term! Later that night was Phil's birthday, so I show up promptly at 6 at St Hubert's... only to discover that he made the reservations for 6:30. *shakes fist at Phil* Fortunately Bob (one of Phil's friends) was there (since 5:30!) so I had company. Later that night after playing chauffeur, I managed to come in to second place in Poker, winning back my initial $10, as well as $20 more :D So then a few of us went back to Phil's, where I finally met Kittylicious (his cat). Then I drove Bob home as Sally, Phill, and a few others headed out again. All in all, a pretty good day!

The next day was my day off from socializing... so my dad took Donny and I to Future Shop, so we could spend all the gift certificates to future shop we got. I was going to get a gig flash memory stick (they had a great deal on), but were sold out... so I got a 512 MB one :D It's been around my neck every day since then... I've thought it was a really cool idea for ages! I also picked up a new game, Fable... looking forward to trying it out when I get back to Rez!

On the 29th I was invited out to Demetres, since I was a Demetres virgin... their desserts are amazing! Really expensive though! I had a Fudgment Day, in part thanks to Odie's helping me know what type of items she'd recommend. Odie, Baldeep and Deepa were there (since they all helped realized I'd never been there before), as well as Baldeep's German cheerleader, Jason Yu and none other than Alim!! I hadn't seen him in... years! We're going to open a business :D It was a great time, I'd forgotten Alim is at least as environmentally minded as I am... probably more so! Some people had to leave early, the rest of us saw Fun with Dick and Jane, which was pretty good :)

And now we're on to the 30th! The closer my posts are in time, the longer they get it seems :P This was the day Donny and I went to the Morrison party, so I got to see the old Youth group! It was great catching up with everyone. We also started betting on who would get married first (more or less tie between Monique and Matthew), which is kinda scary... that my friends are getting to be the age where they'd consider stuff like that. Hopefully I'll be safe for a few more years at least :P

Which brings me up to New Year's Eve! I had a party at my place... first one here was Robert, straight (more or less) from Hawaii!! Also in attendence were Jake, Belinda, Angeline, Lina, then much later came Melly, Sally, Anton and Cindy (I'm sorry for calling you the wrong name! And now I probably spelt it wrong too :S), and finally even later came Amanda and eventually Dean! We started off with a poker game... I came in first, Donny was second... but the second game I was out pretty early, we didn't want them to think we were cheating ;) Also saw some of Invader Zim, courtesy of Jake... which is hilarious! And I heard the Doom song, which I finally realized I'd heard in anime club before as part of a music video! Also played some Smash Bros... even had a tournament! Anton was winning... and then lost the final match against a computer!! Anton, how could you! We also had a Risk game, which was great! I got betrayed by Lina near the start, and tried to drown my sorrow at the loss of my troops with the Moosehead Melly brought me! Thank you :D Lina's troops actually ended up winning, though she had to leave early... which left them in Robert's hands (who was the first one wiped out :P Yet ended up winning in a way...).

If any of you actually read all that... I'm flattered, amazed and think you must be really really bored! Go, live life! Have fun! Stop spending your time in front of the computer!! Though, if you insist, you can check out this amusing flash video: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/285267
As for New Year's Resolutions... I'd like to get back in to better shape :P Sart going to the gym... also, I've been starting to consider vegetarianism more and more... So while I'm not going to yet, I think I'll try to have more meat-free meals, and we'll see where to go from there.

Also, I'd encourage all Canadians who read this to vote come the election on January 23rd! However, with that, I'd also like to declare myself a World Citizen. I'm not sure when exactly patriotism left me... I still love Canada, but I will not favour it at the expense of the rest of the world. I guess lately some of the things that have been bothering my mom have helped drill home how much they no longer mean to me... being a proud Canadian.

And with these words I welcome you all to 2006! Only 6 years left till the dawn of the new world, for all those Aztec readers out there ;) May you all grow in wisdom, attain enlightenment, and have an incredible year!
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