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With Great Power...

Comes great responsibility. Welcome to the latest edition of My Webl! I'll try not to bore you all, or make any of you angry... but if it happens, let your indulgence set me free!

While I think power and responsibility should go hand in hand, there are times when they do not. This is also true for age and wisdom - sometimes you may pass through time without picking up much wisdom, and sometimes a single year can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. This past year I have experienced much, and thought more; I've faced the darkness, and found my way again... I've even learned a little latin! While I've thought much on a number of topics this year, my frequent readers will already know some of the results of those thoughts... so I'd rather put here something that's been brought home to me more recently:

Do not give up, even when you fail and face setbacks. This seems quite evident and obvious, but there was a time, late last year, when I had done just that. I felt, despite me not intending to and still trying to do what was right, I had betrayed myself. My previous post explains my true feelings much better... in that while I may disagree with a position, I still feel there is merit in it that is being overlooked. I have posted ideas on this journal that I have not fully thought through, and I appreciate the criticisms and comments on them... but I do not feel they are worthless, nor do I feel they are completely wrong.

Regardless of how silly this sounds, I felt I had sullied my own name and betrayed myself on this journal by implying that I actively disagreed with what I was saying - maybe this is very confusing, ask me for clarification before assuming - but because of that, I felt I could no longer feel the same way, where all of me was moving in the same direction. This is akin to someone on a diet, who slips up, and because of that decides their diet is ruined and so completely ignores it. It is ok to slip up in almost anything, as long as you have the courage and understanding to forgive yourself and keep on going.

Well, this seems like a rather somber post to start off my new year of living! I had a great birthday, thank you to everyone who wished/thought of me or was able to celebrate with me ;) Gift highlights include: Dolphin thing from Phil, Evita DVD of the play from Phil and Crystal, two great chess books from Donny, and a book on World Religions from my parents(and a wooden cork thing to reseal wine bottles)! I'm really starting to get in to chess more and more... It's even better than Risk! At least in some ways!

My life seems to go in cycles... with depression most likely in the fall, and winter/spring bringing growth and expansion. I guess that makes sense, considering the seasons, but it's always linked to other events in my life, so it's hard to know. I know I have a tendency toward the longer side of posts, so I'll try to wrap this up now... It's good to be back on LJ!

One thing I want to let you all know about: I'm climbing the CN Tower (stairs) on April 29th! Always wanted to be up the CN Tower, it's great exercise AND I'm raising money for the World Wildlife Fund! If any of you want to sponsor me, just visit here and it'll take you to my page...
Every bit helps, even if you just want to donate a dollar or two! Otherwise, wish me luck... I'll definitely have to get in good shape now. There's much else I'd like to write about, but that should be enough for one entry. Good luck to all of you in all you do!

Daniel Nadolny
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